State-of-the-art home showcases greener, safer living in suburbs

INVERNESS, Ill. -- A home builder partnered with the American Lung Association this week to unveil the first home in the United States that meets the non-profit’s guidelines for a safer, greener, cleaner and healthier home.

The 5,700 square feet, 5-bedroom home is located at 1055 Glencrest Drive in suburban Inverness, Ill., and is state-of-the-art, fully decorated and, they believe, better for you.

Owners of Healthy Home Initiative, Anthony  Di Iorio, and his wife Victoria, fell into the healthy approach to home building out of necessity.

The house is their answer to cleaner living; from air ducts to repurposed wood, wall switches that act as electrical kill switches. The funky fireplace that costs around $20,000 is a decorative appliance that doesn’t expose people to gas; it’s fully sealed.

One noticeable difference in this kitchen is that there's no microwave. Dior Builders added a top of the line steam oven instead.

“It hydrates your food, there’s no radiation,” Victoria Di Iorio said. “It’s just a healthier, safer way to cook your food.”

Every cabinet in the home has been tested for chemicals and the whole place is hard wired.

Rock wool is behind the walls. Its insulation made from rock, instead of foam or fiberglass. If there is a fire in the home, it melts rather than burns.

Water tanks are lined with glass rather than metal. It has a whole house water filtration system, not just in the kitchen, and its own active radon mitigation system right there for all to see.

You can see the house yourself starting Friday when it opens to the public. There will be experts on site to answer questions.

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