Winter Weather Advisory for freezing drizzle has expired, but slick spots remain across the Chicago area

Update Noon CST…

The Winter Weather Advisory has expired, but scattered light snow or flurries and slick spots continue with temperatures at or below freezing early this Wednesday afternoon. There will probably be a slow rise in temperatures above freezing this afternoon and precipitation should gradually come to an end, but there will be wet roads/highways and slippery spots especially on side streets, sidewalks, parking lots and driveways. If you are out this afternoon, be cautious, ice is hard to detect and can cause accidents in a split-second.

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Update 9:15AM CST…

The Winter Weather Advisory for freezing drizzle has been extended for a good portion of the Chicago area (see purple-shaded area on highlighted map) until noon CST. The spotty freezing drizzle has changed over to a light snow in far west and northern portions and is expected to become scattered light snow or flurries area-wide by midday. Glazed surfaces persist in many areas, especially those along and south of the Interstate-88 and Interstate-80 corridors.

Ice-covered streets/sidewalks/driveways/parking lots will make walking treacherous and driving over areas with spotty glaze will be especially dangerous, so watch yourself if you’re out and about today.



CHICAGO — A Winter Weather Advisory for Freezing Drizzle is in effect until 9AM  CST across the entire Chicago area this Wednesday morning (purple-shaded area on the highlighted map below).

With low overcast clouds a spotty very light snow mixed with freezing drizzle has broken out across our area this morning, and with temperatures in the mid and upper 20s, slick spots have developed that will make for a slowed-down dangerous drive. Treated highways will be better than side roads and streets, but at these temperatures, extreme caution should be taken to combat difficult to see potential icy stretches.

If out this morning, watch your step on sidewalks, parking lots, and driveways when walking, and take extra time and be careful if on the road during this morning’s commute. Conditions are expected to improve by mid-to-late-morning.

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Map of Forecast Area