Mother of Brian Urlacher’s son files $125M defamation lawsuit

CHICAGO — The mother of former Bears player Brian Urlacher’s son is suing him for $125 million in a defamation lawsuit.

Tyna Karageorge is claiming Urlacher conspired with his attorneys and a newspaper reporter to portray her as an unfit mother and a killer.

She said she hasn’t had custody of her son since the 2016 death of her husband.

Karageorge told police her husband, Ryan, took a gun from her purse and shot himself in the head while the two were arguing.

According to Urlacher’s petition, Ryan Karageorge shot himself while trying to unload a gun. Urlacher cited “suspicious circumstances.” He also said he was bothered by the behavior of the boy’s mother.

Urlacher said Karageorge first said her husband died in a car accident. He said she then revealed it was a shooting after an argument.

The boy was not home when the shooting happened.

Karageorge and Urlacher had their son in 2005.