Man suffers massive heart attack during false alert in Hawaii

HONOLULU  — A man suffered a massive heart attack minutes after the false missile alert in Hawaii.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported Tuesday that Sean Shields, 51, started violently throwing up while at the beach on Oahu.

The newspaper says he then called his 10-year-old daughter and adult son to say goodbye. Then he drove himself and with his girlfriend to a health center where she says he collapsed in the waiting room.

Shields’ girlfriend Brenda Reichel says medical staff performed CPR and transported the man to a hospital, where he had emergency surgery. She says Shields had no previous heart problems.

The false missile alert was sent on over the weekend, sending Hawaiians into a panic.

Officials said a state employee clicked the wrong link and activated a real alert instead of an internal test. There was no system for retracting the false alarm.

Gov. David Ige appointed state Army National Guard Brig. Gen. Kenneth to oversee a review of Hawaii’s emergency management process. The governor says Hara will provide a report in two months regarding the false alert.

Some changes have already been made, including requiring two people rather than one to approve emergency alerts.