Water main break floods streets on the Northwest Side

CHICAGO-- A  water main break flooded streets in the Edgebrook neighborhood as temperatures dropped and snow began to fall Sunday.

A water main broke around 5 p.m. Sunday on the 6400 block of Lehigh Ave., sending gushing water bubbling up, covering an entire block and impeding the flow of traffic. As temperatures drop and snow begins to fall, some of that water started to turn into ice.

"The city’s been by a couple times throwing down some salt, but until we can turn the water off it’s just a losing battle,” resident Brian Vlad said. "Thank god tomorrow is a holiday so people aren’t going to be walking on this ice.”

Across the street from the Edgebrook Metra station, water came up to the windows in an apartment complex.

The Chicago Fire Department says they called for the water to be turned off right away but the city’s crews are working on the Far South Side Sunday, leaving homeowners to wait for hours as yards started freezing.

Around four hours after the break was first reported, the city’s water department was able to shut the water off. Workers said they weren’t ignoring the issue, but are just doing the best in busy and extreme weather conditions.