Adorable 5-year-old boy crashes father’s LIVE TV interview

A father was being interviewed on television — so his son figured he would join him.

Daniel Smith-Rowsey is a film historian at St Mary’s College of California.

He was being interviewed about the Golden Globe Awards by Al Jazeera English, via Skype.

That was when Smith-Rowsey’s five year old son jumped into view with his toy car. “Umm that’s my child. Excuse me”, he apologized.

‘He can come in, it’s not a problem, Daniel,’ Al Jazeera host Sohail Rahman said. ‘We’re quite happy to have youngsters on the program, too.’

That’s when the boy proceeded to drive his around his father’s torso as he talked about the #MeToo and Times Up movements.

It was similar to when a professor’s skype interview was interrupted by his children on BBC last March.