CTU President Karen Lewis says she’s ‘not dead’ after her obituary was posted online

CHICAGO — Chicago Teachers Union President Karen Lewis says reports of her death are premature.

She posted to Facebook Sunday night after she says The Sun-Times posted her obituary. It has since been taken it down.  Her post says, “contrary to an unfortunate slip, I am not dead.”

She tells her family and friends that she’s doing well and getting better every day.

Lewis suffered a stroke in October. She also had surgery for a malignant brain tumor.

Sun-Times Editor-in-Chief Chris Fusco:

“Because of an error involving our online publishing system, Karen Lewis’ pre-written obit was published briefly on our site on Sunday. It was taken down as quickly as possible, we’ve apologized to Ms. Lewis for any pain this might have caused her and she has accepted our apology. We hope our readers accept our apology as well.”