Author Eric Matlin, talks about his new book ‘Not Dead Yet so plan your estate’

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Eric Matlin, Attorney

Stages of life -- why planning is critical at all ages

18 -- Power of attorney for health care and HIPAA authorization
25 -- Add power of attorney for property. Add simple will. 
35 -- Update will to ensure that family shares your assets as desired.
40 -- Create Trust
to ensure that if you die, insurance money and other assets will be used for your children's benefit and not entirely dissipated when they become legal adult.
55 -- Update 15-20-year-old estate plan to name children in fiduciary capacities, instead of siblings/parents.
60 -- You'd like Trust to provide for both your elderly parents and descendants.
70 -- Consider updating estate plan to accommodate personal and financial changes since last review. If estate is large, you may want to deplete assets by gifting.
80+ -- Clarify wishes on how to spend your golden years upon potential incapacity.

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