Pipe break causes ice mess on Wabash

CHICAGO -- A broken pipe turned a fire escape into a giant icicle in the South Loop. This happened at a storage facility on Wabash between Balbo and Harrison.

Police say a sprinkler system pipe ruptured Saturday afternoon causing these huge icicles to form along this fire escape. Worried the ice could fall and injure pedestrians, police closed the street.

The fire department plans to come tomorrow and try to figure out what to do. The good thing is that nobody lives in this building but the big fear is that if it does warm up to 30 degrees Sunday and the sun hits this ice in the right place this will all melt and there will be 100 pound blocks of ice melting and falling down on the street below.

It is just one of many inconveniences caused by the recent sub zero temperatures. Lots of people stopped by to take pictures tonight. They say they are more than ready for a warm up.

Wabash will be closed all night tonight from Harrison to Balbo, so if you need to get anywhere on this stretch you’ll need to ask police. They’ll be out there all night.