‘I’m not dead’: 89-year-old woman mistakenly declared dead

GLENDALE, Calif. — A woman in California has been trying to prove she’s alive after she was mistakenly declared dead.

Government records show 89-year-old Carmen Gonzalez is dead — but she’s still very much alive.

“I’m not dead … I’m here. I’m sorry,” she told KTLA during an interview.

In October, her social security checks abruptly ended. She instead received notices explaining the benefits ended because she had died.

The problems didn’t end there — it started affecting her bank accounts and health care.

According to KTLA, Gonzalez can no longer able pick up medication due to her no longer having any Medi-Cal or Medicare coverage.

The family is trying to figure out how the mix-up happened.

They think it has to do with a care facility.

The woman was discharged the same day she was declared dead.

The nursing home disputes the claim.