Chicago FOP president Kevin Graham discusses controversial Quintonio LeGrier shooting

CHICAGO -- The Fraternal Order of Police president, Kevin Graham, spoke to WGN News about the controversial police-involved shooting that left a college student and an innocent bystander dead.

Quintonio LeGrier and Bettie Jones

The police union is angry about a recent ruling by the re-constituted Civilian Office of Police Accountability that found Officer Robert Rialmo was not justified when he shot and killed Quintonio LeGrier and accidentally hit and killed an innocent bystander named Bettie Jones.

The officer was responding to call about a domestic disturbance.  LeGrier's family had called 911 saying the 19-year-old was threatening them. He recently shown signs of mental health problems.

Officer Rialmo said LeGrier charged him and was wielding an aluminum bat. The officer then fired. But the Police Review Authority said no one at the scene initially said LeGrier was swinging the bat.  There are also conflicting accounts of just how close the officer was when he fired.