Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph helps Fool Proof Your NY Resolutions

5 Ways to Fool Proof Your NY Resolution

Getting ready to start a brand new habit in the new year? Think twice before you make your resolution because you may make a common mistake before the new year even gets started! Our Health & Fitness Expert Stephanie Mansour from Step It Up with Steph is here today to share with us easy ways to fool-proof your resolution. Plus, she’s sharing the most common new year’s resolution mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mistake: Making too lofty of a goal – or even an impossible goal!

FOOL-PROOF it by creating a system so you’re able to measure your progress and feel accomplished. It’s not just about your goal for 2018 or even your goal for January – it’s about bite size chunks to measure how you’re doing each day and week.

Visual: Big dry-erase calendar, monthly calendar, daily calendar

Mistake: Having an all-or-nothing mentality with your goal.

FOOL-PROOF it by planning in some mistakes. Assume you’re going to be imperfect. Assume something’s going to throw a wrench in your plans. Accept that you don’t have to give up your social life or have a one-track mindset about a certain way to reach your goal.

Visual: Head of broccoli and a bowl of berries. (Will say: if you’re on a diet program that calls for broccoli for lunch, but you don’t have a knife and just have this head of broccoli, how can you cook it? You can’t really. So instead, get out of the all or nothing mindset and have a bow of berries instead. You get to be the boss instead of the diet plan being the boss of you.

Mistake: Treating yourself like an adult.

FOOL-PROOF it by giving yourself a reward as an incentive to reach your mini-goals. Let’s play devil’s advocate: If you were acting like an adult, you would’ve committed to your goal already and probably achieved it. There’s not enough incentive behind the goal so treat yourself like a child and give yourself rewards along the way!

Visual: Star stickers to put on your calendar; Spa gift certificate; new workout clothes

Mistake: Keeping your goal hush-hush.

FOOL-PROOF it by telling close friends and family, and even by posting it on social media. The more people that know about your goal, the better.

Visual: Write out a list of people to share your goal with. Show phone. Show a # written out on paper (can #STEPITUPWITHSTEPH for accountability and to see others doing the free 21 day challenge)

Mistake: Giving Up Too Quickly if you don’t see results

FOOL-PROOF it by looking at other diet programs or lifestyle plans. It’s not YOU, it’s THEM! They may not be working for you. It doesn’t mean that you’re a failure.

Visual: Weights, resistance bands, workout DVD, paleo protein powder, etc. to show that there are SO MANY types of workouts, diets, and plans that you can follow.

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1. Make your goal smaller and more specific than you originally think.
2. Leave room for error when you’re following your plan to reach your goal.
3. Reward yourself once you complete mini-goals.
4. Tell everyone you can about your goal so you’re held more accountable.
5. Change up how you’re reaching your goal if you don’t see results.

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