Lakeview resident says her heat is out and building management has not helped

CHICAGO – A resident in Lakeview said her heat went out and building management did not help.

Keala Bilbao contacted WGN News about her problem and included photos of the thermostat reading in the low 50s.

“It was pretty cold last night,” she said.

She said she wasn’t getting anywhere with Beal Properties, the building’s manager.

“I told him that my heaters and radiators weren’t working and I didn’t get any response. In fact I didn’t get any response until I sent the second email today," she said.

At noon, the management came by and told her furniture was blocking the heat from coming in the apartment.

But she did not believe that was the reason.

WGN contacted the city inspector who showed up the Bilbao’s apartment to check things out. Readings in some spots were still in the 50s.

Bilbao showed WGN News a $330 ComEd bill saying it’s the proof that she’s turning up the heat, just not getting much in return.

“I would like for (management) to do their job. It isn’t too much to ask to keep things in working order.”

Beal Properties did not return WGN’s calls.

At the city’s emergency management center, more than 600 heat complaints, called in to 311 since Friday.

“If you feel that it is too cold in your apartment or your home, we’d rather you call than to place yourself in harm,” said director Alicia Tate-Nadeau. "Once we receive those calls to 311, we work very closely with buildings who will have their inspectors go out and see if they’re meeting code."

The city is also dealing with a possible strike vote this weekend by Teamsters Local 700, the snow plow and garbage truck drivers union.