Sunday Brunch: Galette des Rois

CHICAGO -- Stacy Waldrop, vice-president of Vanille Patisserie, joined WGN with his recipe for Galette des Rois.
Galette des Rois 
2 puff pastry
60 g soft butter
1 egg
60 g sugar
60 g almond powder
1 yellow egg yolk
Heavy cream
1 feve
Almond Cream:
1. Cream the butter and the sugar together
2. Add the eggs and mix
3. Add the flour and almond flour alternating
Galette Assembly:
1. After making the cream
2. Cut the puff dough in two circles (one for the  top  and one for the bottom)
3. Pipe the almond cream and leave 1.5" boarder around the edge and add the feve
4. Use water to brush along the edge
5. Apply top piece to bottom piece and gently push the edges to seal them
6. Hold the edge with your thumb and draw using your knife, do vents in order to let steam the air going
7. Brush the top a mixture of egg yolk and heavy cream
8. Bake for 1 hour at 300 in the oven (the temperature could be adapted according to different oven)

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