What is Chicago’s record for consecutive days below freezing?

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Dear Tom

Chicago is heading into an extended period of time with temperatures below 32 degrees (freezing). What is Chicago’s record for consecutive days below freezing?

Patrick Carry,

Dear Patrick,
Chicago’s record number of consecutive sub-freezing days stands at 43, recorded in the period of December 28, 1976 through February 8, 1977. In our current cold spell, Dec. 24 marked the first sub-freezing day, with a high temperature of 22 degrees. It’s been below freezing ever since then, but we are a long way from the 43-day record.

Temperatures would have to remain at 31 degrees or lower from today through Feb. 4 of 2018 in order to tie the 43-day record, and through Feb. 5 to establish a new record. Those dates are quite a long way off, and we will just have to wait and see what happens. Brrrrrrr!

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