Winter Weather Advisory Noon until Midnight Friday for 2 to 5-inches of snow across the Chicago area

Update 6AM CDT Friday…

A Winter Weather Advisory for widespread 2 to 5-inch snowfall totals expected this Friday afternoon into the overnight hours continues in effect across northern and central Illinois including the Chicago area into northern Indiana  and the southwest corner of Lower Michigan (all counties included in the Winter Weather Advisory are shown in purple on the updated highlighted map). Driving conditions are expected to deteriorate quickly this afternoon –  as the snowfall accumulates and temperatures remain in the middle teens.

There is a Winter Storm Warning for snowfall of 6-inches or more in western portions of Illinois this afternoon/evening (pink-shaded area on the highlighted map).  For those traveling out of the state, note on the map below the Winter Weather Advisories for snow extend from portions of Iowa and Missouri east across Illinois and a good part of Indiana into Ohio and north along the east shores of Lake Michigan in Lower Michigan.


A Winter Weather Advisory (purple-shaded area on highlighted map) is in effect from noon until midnight Friday for most of northern Illinois into northwest Indiana. Two to five-inches of snow will cause increasingly difficult and hazardous driving conditions to develop across much of the Chicago area, the snow beginning Friday afternoon and continuing until later Friday evening. Highways will be snow-covered , slippery and traffic will be slowed considerably during the afternoon/evening commute.

A wide band of accumulating snow is forecast to spread into the Chicago area from the west – reaching westernmost portions of the area late morning, eventually covering the remainder of the area into northwest Indiana by mid-afternoon. Two to five-inches of snow are expected with heaviest snowfall generally in the vicinity and south of Interstate-80. Snowfall should decrease as you go north with only 1 to 2-inches expected in counties adjacent to the Illinois-Wisconsin border.