Kohl’s and Amazon team up to make holiday returns less of a headache

CHICAGO --   Today is a huge day to take back unwanted gifts or spend those gift cards you got yesterday.  Two retailers have come together to make both easier - and this holiday season is the first time they’re being tested.

At the Kohl’s on Elston in Chicago’s Bucktown, consumers can kill two birds with one stone - Return what they got as a Christmas gift from Amazon and spend the money at the Amazon  pop-up kiosk or around the store.

This way shoppers can skip the post office, notorious for long lines,and get into the department store to spend more money.

Some restrictions and rules apply.    You have to make sure there’s a Kohl’s option when you buy the product on Amazon and you also have to live within an eight-mile radius of the store.

At a time when department stores are struggling,  partnerships like Kohl’s and Amazon can be very helpful.

It’s estimated that $90 billion was spent on unwanted gifts this holiday season. Between today and New Year’s Eve, 40 percent of the year’s returns will be made.  Some shoppers may put that money back into the store while others are just all shopped out.