Addison police officer helps deliver baby

ADDISON, Ill. — A police officer is being praised for her quick thinking after she helped deliver a baby.

Officer Maria Reyes, from the Addison Police Department in Addison, Ill., responded to a frantic call from a woman who had gone into labor on Tuesday on the 600 block of Meadows Boulevard.

When she arrived, the woman was already giving birth.

Officer Reyes helped the woman deliver and used a latex glove to tie off the umbilical cord, police said.

The officer noticed the baby’s color was not good.

She also said the baby’s cries were more like moans, and not as strong as they should have been.

Paramedics arrived soon afterward and took mom and baby to the hospital.

Both the baby, named Malachi, and his mother Sondra are doing well.

Officer Reyes also stopped by the family’s home to deliver Christmas gifts to the kids and to celebrate the arrival of their new little brother.