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Suburban police chase car after shots fired; Officer injured

MARKHAM, Ill. –  A suburban police officer is recovering after being injured while responding to reports of a shooting.

The incident began at a gas station near 158th and Dixie Highway in Markham early Sunday morning. A police officer witnessed shots being fired out of a window of a car.  Officers attempted to pull the car over, but when the car didn`t pull over police chased it.

There was a woman in the front seat and a man who was bleeding in the backseat.

Police say the car would stop and go repeatedly.

At one point, when the car was stopped, Officer Shelton Crawford tried to get in the back seat but the driver took off dragging him.

The officer’s head was hit.

The car eventually crashed near train tracks and the driver made a run for it. Police did not catch him.

The woman is in custody and then man who was bleeding in the back seat is also at the hospital.

Police are now reviewing surveillance video from cameras at the Mobil Station where the chase started.

Officer Crawford is stable at the hospital.  He is expected to make a full recovery.