Has the Chicago area ever had a warm Christmas?

Dear Tom,
Has the Chicago area ever had a warm Christmas?

Aristidas Tankus,
Vernon Hills

Dear Aristidas
“Warmth” is a relative term and what is warm to some folks will feel chilly to others. However, the Christmas of 1982 attained a temperature of 64 degrees, the mildest Christmas in 147 years (1870-2016) of official Chicago temperature records. In addition, it’s the only Christmas with a temperature in the 60s. Readings in the 50s occurred in eight other Christmases. Twenty-four Christmases experienced highs in the 40s, 61 in the 30s, 33 in the 20s, 16 in the range of 10 to 19, three from zero to 9 and one below zero. The sub-zero Christmas high temperature occurred in 1983 with a reading of only 5 below zero (and, surprisingly, in the year following the mildest Christmas ever). And speaking of cold, the coldest Christmas low was minus 17 in 1983.