Chicago police raid the wrong South Chicago home

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CHICAGO -- Chicago police raided the wrong home in South Chicago early Friday morning. They busted through the front door, guns drawn and demanded answers from the people inside.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the officers moved through the bungalow, trying to handcuff a 17-year-old boy.

Shanae Cross, the homeowner, said she was in the bathroom when the officers broke down her down.

The family demanded to see a warrant and when the officer's shouted the address, they discovered their mistake. They were looking for her neighbor.

Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson called the family Friday to personally apologize.

“You can’t make that type of mistake with the people who depend on you for protection for security," Cross said. "So if you breach that where do you leave us? You leave us with nothing. How can I trust you when you’re breaking into my house? Today you’re the burglar.”

Police said they're expediting the process to repair the family's door. A city carpenter showed up Saturday morning to temporarily fix the door but police said if Cross wants a new door, she'll have to pay for it herself and wait to be reimbursed.

Police said tactical units from the 10th district were executing a warrant as part of an ongoing narcotics investigation that led them to the 4th District. They said during the operation, officers inadvertently breached the door of the incorrect residence.

"CPD deeply regrets the error and the inconvenience caused on Christmas weekend," Anthony Guglielmi, Chief Communications Officer, said in an email statement.

Cross, posted a Facebook video after the raid and officers can be heard apologizing.

The officers who raided the home were wearing body cameras.

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