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The Jersey Girls Show Returns with ‘Santa Claus is Coming to Town!’

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Jersey Girls Show
New Year's Eve at 8PM
Arcada Theatre's Speakeasy
105 E. Main St.
St. Charles
(847) 845-9910 For bookings

The Jersey Girls now have proudly become one of Chicago-land's most popular and beloved cover bands.

This is a story of friendship, passion, and love for music...

Flori and Diana are originally from Bulgaria, and Iris is from Ukraine. The girls moved to America seeking better opportunities and a brighter future.  All three of them started singing at a very young age and performed as solo singers with a variety of differentbands.  Even though they all had a true love for music, they all felt that something was missing: the challenge of arranging and performing beautiful three part harmonies.

The girls met two years ago by coincidence, but now they believe that everything has happened for a reason.  Once they realized that they shared the love of harmonizing, things started falling into place.
Iris' angelic voice hits impressively high notes with full strength in the Jersey Girls' pieces.  Flori's playful, yet powerful voice brings an extraordinary range to the table.  And Diana fills out the sounds with a soulful, raspy quality.

Once the girls discovered each other's vocal strengths and qualities,  they began practicing four days a week while working their day jobs and simultaneously performing gigs on the weekends. The three of them became best friends and spent almost every day together -  singing, dancing, shopping, traveling and most importantly, planning their future and their musical journey together.

​Almost two years later, all the hard work, sleepless nights, road trips and uphill battles finally started paying off. The Jersey Girls now have proudly become one of Chicago-land's most popular and beloved cover bands.  Whether they sing in front of ten, one hundred, or one thousand people, the Jersey Girls bring their full energy and vocal capacity to EVERY show and put a smile on EVERYONE’s face in the audience.