Video shows Zach Miller’s first steps without crutches as he recovers from catastrophic injury

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CHICAGO — Bears tight end Zach Miller took his first steps without crutches since suffering a season-ending injury, posting a video of his first uncertain steps to Instagram Sunday.

He’s recovering from one of the NFL’s most severe injuries of the season. Doctors said there was a real threat of losing his leg at one point due to a torn artery.

“That was very real, a couple wrong turns away from actually happening,” Miller said about losing his leg last Monday. “I had a ton of care, a lot of people helping me out throughout that entire process. But we were a couple minutes away from having that be real.”

Eight surgeries later, his football career is likely over. But he’s still pressing on, one step at a time,┬átaking a day-by-day approach to recovery.

“I’ve been a football player my whole life,” Miller said. “I would love to play football. We’ll cross that road when it’s time.”

Miller, 33, is a free agent after this season, but Bears coach John Fox said he will continue to have a supporting role in the background the rest of the season.

“When you get knocked down, you see people’s real character and how they respond,” Fox said. “He’s handled it like a champ. And I think most everybody that knew him or knows him, he acted like you’d expect Zach to act. It’s very impressive.”