Chicago man to cop: ‘Just take me’

RIVERSIDE, Ill — A Chicago man had three words for a Riverside police officer early Saturday morning: Just take me.

An officer pulled overJoseph J. Cosentino Jr., 40, about 1:25 a.m. for speeding on Des Plaines Avenue at 31st St. Cosentino’s car continued to accelerate until it stopped at 26th and Des Plaines, according to police.

When Cosentino rolled down his window, he told the officer, “I’m fine” in slurred speech, police said. The 40-year-old then fell onto the roadway when he attempted to step out of the car.

The officer saw open bottles of UV Vodka and Hennessy Cognac in the driver’s seat, according to police. Cosentino told the officer that he had been drinking “a little bit.”

Police arrested Cosentino on suspicion of drunk driving, speeding, improper lane usage and other traffic citations. He was later charged and released on bond.

The officer also observed damage to the passenger side of Cosentino’s car, but no police departments reported a hit-and-run driver as of noon Saturday.

“The holiday season has begun, and we are seeing drunk and drugged driving every single day,” said Riverside Police Chief Thomas Weitzel in a statement. ” … Society needs to look at impaired driving as a serious crime and resources should be available to combat this criminal act, which is a 100 percent preventable crime.”