How bad was the “White Hurricane” snowstorm of 1913?

Dear Tom,
How bad was the “White Hurricane” snowstorm of 1913 and how much damage did it do to Lake Huron?
— Kirk Light, Hanover Park
Dear Kirk,
The “White Hurricane” was one of the strongest and deadliest storms to ever hit the Great Lakes. The result of the merger of two systems, the intense storm struck with full fury from November 9-11, 1913, battering the lakes with hurricane-force winds, towering waves and blizzard conditions, with Lake Huron catching the brunt of the storm. The storm sank at least a dozen ships, eight of them on Lake Huron, while damaging or grounding 40 others and claiming more than 250 lives. Winds were clocked as high as 90 mph, and waves as high as 35 feet ravaged the shoreline. The Cleveland area was paralyzed by nearly two feet of snow that was piled into towering drifts by the ferocious winds.