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‘He’s the change Alabama needs’: strong reactions to Jones’ win over Moore

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BIRMINGHAM, AL (WALA) — Reactions are strong, across the state, just a day after Democrat Doug Jones became the winner of the special election for United States Senator.

“I think he’ll do a good job,” one Birmingham resident said.

Many voters said after weeks of heavy campaigning from both Senate candidates, watching the votes come in last night was nerve wracking.

“In the beginning, yes, it was very scary and I said, ‘it is what it is’. But in the end it was a great turn out and I’m very proud of Alabama,” Jones supporter Martine Sebbaeg said.

“When I first saw it I was like, ‘wow’ we’re behind’, but I just said we need to let go and let go. And the new turn around and he was ahead,” Jones supporter Zakee Iddeen said.

Iddeen says he supports Jones because he believes he’s the man that will bring change to Alabama.

“We care about the kids and we don’t want anyone that is going to do anything bad to the kids or take advantage of young ladies when they’re not even old enough to make decisions. So we need to have someone that’s going to care about them and treat them like women,” Iddeen said.

Judge Roy Moore supporters say the outcome of the election is disappointing. Some question why the allegations of sexual misconduct happened just weeks before election day.

“My concern was why these allegations come out with Moore during this election? I mean, he’s been in office for more than 40 years and now it comes out with these accusations on him and I don’t understand that,” Moore supporter George Browder said.

There’s also questions as to what happens next. Tuesday night, Moore refused to concede the race to Jones. Sebbaeg says she would leave it alone, because the people of Alabama have spoken.

“I think that’s his right but I don’t think he’s going to get any further than he’s got already,” Sebbaeg said.

Jones will serve the remainder of Jeff Sessions’ term which ends in 2020. There’s been no announcement as to when Jones will be sworn into his new position.

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