Sandy Hook Promise releases another chilling PSA to prevent ‘tomorrow’s shooting’

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A chilling new public service announcement from Sandy Hook Promise urges teachers and students to take action today, to avoid a school shooting tomorrow.

The one-minute, 25-second PSA titled “Tomorrow’s News,” is a fake news story in which the reporter is interviewing teachers, students, parents and police of a school shooting that will take place tomorrow by a 15-year-old male.

In the video, those interviewed talk about things they noticed were off, or different, about the shooter — but they each failed to speak up or mention that to anyone.

One student says, “He told some of us that his dad kept a gun in his closet and he always talked about using it on the people that bullied him. Tomorrow I’ll probably say that I wish I told someone.”

The video ends with the message, “You can stop tomorrow’s shootings if you recognize the warning signs today.”

The video was produced by Sandy Hook Promise, a national non-profit organization founded and led by several family members whose loved ones were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14, 2012.

Last year, the organization released a powerful PSA titled “Evan” about the warning signs that may lead to gun violence.