Midday Fix: Fresh Christmas trees

Tony Fulmer, Chief Horticulture Officer

Tony's Blog:


Chalet Landscape, Nursery & Garden Center
3132 Lake Avenue

Live reindeer are onsite at Chalet Landscape, Nursery and Garden Center through Dec 17.


Concolor fir is a superior blue spruce, with an elegant coloration, soft needles for easy decoration and minimal shedding, in addition to a wonderful fragrance.

Canaan fir trees resemble balsam or even Fraser firs, but are unique in their soft needles, stiff branches and a woodsy-evergreen scent.

Fraser firs are a classic Christmas tree in our area, the gold standard with black-green needles with silver undersides, strong branch tips and a truly Christmas-y fragrance.

Fraser firs tend to have a thicker trunk, so make sure tree stands can accommodate the bigger width.