Hero cop of Pulse shooting is being terminated from force

ORLANDO, Fla. — A police officer who responded to a mass shooting at a Florida nightclub and now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder is losing his job.

The Orlando Sentinel reports the Eatonville Town Council agreed Tuesday night to pay Cpl. Omar Delgado some $1,200 in accrued sick time and confirmed his last day of employment as Dec. 31.

Delgado was lauded as a hero for saving a Pulse nightclub shooting victim on June 12, 2016. He returned to patrol duty after the shooting that killed 49 people, but eventually took a desk job. He tells the newspaper he learned Monday that his job is ending.

An additional six months of employment would have let him become vested in the pension system and collect 64 percent of his salary with benefits for life.

As it stands now, he will only receive 42 percent of his salary starting when he’s 55 years old. He’s 45 now.

“Just let me get vested and I will be more than happy to pack up my troubles and leave,” he told USA Today. “This is the thing I’ve been working toward for 10 years and to be six months shy then be fired, it’s like ‘wow!’”