Thieves scam suburban couple, steal valuable jewelry

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ALGONQUIN, Ill. -- Thieves used a common scam burglarized a house in the northwest suburbs.

One distracted the victim, while the other ransacked the home.

Last Wednesday around 1 p.m., two men in a dark, silver Ford F-150 pickup truck pulled into the driveway of Maryann Sagert and her husband Ray’s Algonquin home.  The men offered landscape services.

Maryann was out shopping, her husband in the front yard putting up Christmas lights.

“The one guy got out of the truck and said, ‘My father worked on your roof. I can fix your driveway’ Mayann said.  “(He) lured (Ray) to the back of the property …  ‘I can work on the back of your hill.’”

While the one offender was distracting the home owner, the other slipped into the house.

The burglar took off a pillowcase from the bed and then dumped $5,000 dollars of jewelry into it, including several sentimental pieces.

“My dad’s wedding band was in there,” according to Maryann.   “Some other gold bands were in there.  A lot of it was costume but the main thing was my engagement ring and wedding band.”

She had her rings for 40 years.

Algonquin police have not received any other reports like this recently, but say the method is nothing new.

“Usually it happens so quickly the victims don't realize what happened until several hours later,” said Deputy Chief Ryan Markham.

Police were able to pull some finger prints from the bedroom---and with several images of the truck seen on nearby residents and businesses security cameras---they're hoping to locate these offenders.

The victims hope by spreading the word, they might get their wedding ring back.  If nothing else, they hope to warn others about what happened to them. It was an experience they say has left them feeling extremely violated.

“I don't even want to give people the time of day out there if they pull up and they're a stranger,” Maryann says.  “It's sad. Maybe in time I'll get over it. Right now, it's fresh.”

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