Dwyane Wade is happy with his current career path as he returns to Chicago Monday night

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Dwyane Wade takes part in shootaround at the United Center with the Cavaliers on December 4th.

CHICAGO – It wasn’t just his own happiness which he was thinking about when deciding to leave his hometown and head a little further Northeast to a new team.

Dwyane Wade’s got a family, you know.

Getting ready to enter his 15th year in the NBA, and retirement growing closer by the year, he can’t just think of himself when it comes to the next step in his career.

“When basketball ain’t going right, nothing is going right when you’re playing the game. I didn’t want to put my family through that,” said Wade.

He didn’t think that coming off the bench for a Bulls team just starting out their rebuilding process was the right thing to do. So he asked for a buyout, got it, then went to Cleveland to join his old teammate LeBron James in another attempt at an NBA Championship.

It’s a decision that Wade is still feeling good about as he returns to face the Bulls Monday night for the first time since leaving the team. While his Cavaliers have been far from unbeatable, they’ve rallied from early struggles to start the year at 16-7.

Meanwhile the Bulls are the worst team in the NBA with a 3-18 record, muddled in a seven-game losing streak as they approach the match-up with Cleveland at the United Center. That was expected from team that’s void of much scoring punch and saw a literal one take out one of their starting forwards.

Yet Wade, who is coming off the bench for the Cavaliers and averaging 11.4 points per game, isn’t glad he’s not in Chicago because of the lack of success. It’s what the team is doing – playing the younger guys – that makes the veteran guard feel correct in his decision.

“These guys deserve to play the game of basketball,” said Wade of the younger Bulls. “That’s one of the reasons as well that I didn’t want to be here as well, from that standpoint, because I felt that Denzel (Valentine) and all those guys deserve to come out here when there’s no expectations, make mistakes, and get to the place they want to get to in this game. This was the perfect time.

“I didn’t want to be in the way of that, I didn’t want to be the old guy in the way.”

The Cavaliers, and probably his family, are glad he was thinking that way.


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