Rusted light pole falls, raising concerns in neighborhood for safety

CHICAGO --   A rusty street light pole fell to the pavement at a busy neighborhood intersection on the Northwest Side.

The pole crashed around 2 a.m. Friday into the intersection of Roscoe and Osceola.   No one was injured but had it been another time of day, there would have been a lot more people out.

Dever Elementary is right on the corner and some in the community are concerned it could be part of a larger issue.

This past August, a jury awarded Tierney Darden $148 million after a pedestrian shelter at O’Hare collapsed on her. Darden was paralyzed from the waist down.  An investigation found the shelter had missing bolts and that one, along with others, were poorly maintained, and had broken brackets or corroded parts.

The Chicago Dept of Transportation is researching the accident