Chicago police mum on Friday morning house raid

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CHICAGO - Family members of an incarcerated man called a Friday morning raid on the city's South Side a big mistake.

The door-busting raid began with a bang at 5:30 a.m.

"I hear this big flash bomb thing, and I hear another one come through the window, and I look out and see it was the police," says Russel Wilson, the father of Romeo Blackman.

Wilson says police broke through windows, busted open his door and then tossed and turned most of the property in his home, all with no explanation.

A Chicago police spokesman told WGN News in a statement:

"A search warrant was executed at this address this morning. It does not appear any arrests have been made at this time. However, it would be inappropriate for us to comment on any specific targets of an ongoing investigation.”


Gequila Blackman, Wilson's daughter, was arriving home from her overnight security job to pick up her 1-year-old daughter.

"I heard noise, the glass was just busted out, and they wouldn’t let me in. They wouldn’t let me get my baby," she says.

An officer told her they were searching for her brother, Romeo.

"When they said ‘Romeo Blackman,’ I'm like, 'That’s impossible,'" Blackman says.

Impossible, the family says, because for nearly two years, Romeo Blackman has been locked up in Lasalle County Jail on weapons charges.

The family says the situation is highly frustrating, because the information could have been easily verified before all of the damage was done during the raid.

"You know you’re wrong. You had misinformation. I know you’re doing your job, but you had misinformation," Wilson says.

According to court records, Romeo Blackman is being held in Lasalle County Jail. His next court date has not been set.  Either way, he was not inside the family home in Englewood Friday morning.

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