Grandma invites teen she accidentally invited last year back for Thanksgiving dinner

PHOENIX, Ariz. -- Last year, a grandma accidentally invited a teenager to Thanksgiving dinner. Their text conversation went viral, and the grandma kept her promise to save a plate for that teen.

This Thanksgiving, that grandma decided to start a new tradition by inviting the teen back again.

Wanda Dench sent text messages last year, inviting family over for Thanksgiving. She had a wrong number for one, so 17-year-old Jamal Hinton got the text instead.

Jamal texted back asking who it was, and Dench responded with: "It's your grandma."

Jamal asked for her picture to make sure she was, in fact, his grandmother.

Dench responded with a photo of herself. Jamal then sent her a photo of himself to establish that they were not related. But he figured he'd ask if the offer for Thanksgiving dinner still stood.

“Of course you can. That’s what grandmas do…feed everyone!” Dench responded.

Hinton had Thanksgiving dinner with Dench's family, and this year, he was invited back again. He even brought his girlfriend.

In the past year, Dench and Hinton have become close. They chat once a week, and Hinton calls Dench his adoptive grandma.