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Tips to maximize Cyber Monday savings

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CHICAGO – Cyber Monday is a great day to click buy because so much online is on sale. It’s supposed to be the biggest shopping day this year and is expected to bring in $6.6 billion.

There are some tips to help you spend your hard-earned money wisely.

  1. Download retailer apps and turn on notifications. You’ll find that retailers share mobile-only deals. This way, you won’t miss an offer.
  2. Sign up for emails. Check out the websites you want to buy from and get on their mailing lists. You’ll find out about flash sales but you could also get exclusive coupon codes to save you even more. Scour your email inbox for deals that you might’ve missed. Search for Cyber Monday in quotes to pull up all your emails that might feature a deal.
  3. Check out trusted “deal websites” such as Slick Deals, Deal News and Brad’s Deals and are good places to look.
  4. Get social. Follow your favorite brands on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and check their profiles for exclusive offers on the stuff you want to buy. Also check for digital subscriptions for magazines and papers, those are often on sale too.
  5. And as alway protect yourself from scams. Beware of pop-up ads trying to take you to another website. They may look legit, but the chances are—they’re not.

“Unfortunately on the internet you can’t tell if it’s a legitimate business or it’s a scam, or counterfeit site… what you need to do is verify who you’re talking to,” Steve Bernas, from the Better Business Bureau, said.

It's important to use trusted online merchants and names you already know.  And make sure it’s the store’s website--not a look-a-like.

During this time of year, scam emails are being sent out with links to what look like real store sites. Instead of clicking the link, enter the trusted store’s url directly into your browser.