Unlike Chicago, Cubs’ Kris Bryant goes unrecognized in Austria during his honeymoon

CHICAGO – While it’s a big cliché, he really would have trouble walking down the street in most places in the Windy City.

That’s the kind of fame an MVP player for the Cubs that made the final out which ended a 108-year World Series  title drought will earn you. It’s the star status which Kris Bryant has earned himself in Chicago for now and likely years to come.

But heading overseas is something different for the Cubs’ third baseman, as he found out taking a stroll during his Honeymoon with wife Jessica over the past few weeks.

In a video produced by Red Bull, a product which Bryant has endorsed during most of his time with the Cubs, the third baseman managed to go unrecognized as he asked fans if they knew who he was.

With a microphone in hand, Bryant asked a number of people if they knew who he was and didn’t get a single yes.

Oh, an he also sported the Lederhosen for the nearly two-minute video.

It’s certainly been part of an eventful trip, one in which he had to wait a little bit to take after missing the initial flight.

Even with that and the fact many haven’t recognized him, it appears that Kris and Jessica are doing just fine on their honeymoon.


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