Family sues Six Flags Great America after Fright Fest attack

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GURNEE, Ill. -- A family from Batavia is suing Six Flags Great America, over an attack at the park in September.

A woman, her husband, son and a friend were attending the park's Fright Fest on September 23 when a young man told the son he was with park security and ordered them to follow him.

The boy’s mom saw this, questioned the man and then yelled for security. The man took off but her calls for security caught the attention of a group of teenagers.

"This group then begins to approach her because they think she’s calling security on them," Nemura Pencyla, Ekl, Williams and Provenzale, said.

The family’s attorney said the group called her a snitch while the calls for help increased.

"They proceed to start beating on the Dad. It’s our understanding that they take him down to the ground. Pull him apart and hit and kick him," Pencyla said. "They’re screaming, they’re yelling. No response at all from security, no response from anyone who works at six flags Great America."

The suit claims the park's real security guards watched it happen, and did nothing to stop it.

The family’s attorney said the family still suffers physical and mental injuries. The mom and dad were in their 50s and their son was just 12.

The complaint asks for more than $50,000 in damages from Six Flags and alleges the park failed to deploy or station sufficient security and failed to train employees to protect patrons.

"When is there time to step in? Their time to step in is before it happens and then immediately when it starts   They did neither and that’s a big problem for them in our opinion," Pencyla said.

Police arrested nine people in the attack.

Six Flags has not commented.

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