2 men freed after being wrongly-convicted for Englewood murder

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CHICAGO -- Two men were freed Monday after serving more than 23 years behind bars for a rape and murder they said they did not commit.

Nevest Coleman and Darryl Fulton were convicted of the 1994 murder of Antwinica Bridgeman in Englewood, after confessing to a team of detectives with a history of misconduct.

Recent DNA testing suggests they did not commit the crime; so a judge ordered their convictions overturned last Friday.

They’re free on their own recognizance, but they face a retrial on the charges.

The Exoneration Project brought their case to a Cook County judge, showing DNA evidence didn't match either man. They said their confessions were coerced.

"He was interrogated through the night and he consistently maintained he had nothing to do with this crime," Russel Ainsworth, with the Exoneration Project, said. "He saw the only path to him going home that night was signing a false confession and that's what lead us here today."

"The moment they popped my door and said, 'You're outta here.,' I said, 'Thank you,'" Coleman said.

For Coleman, he was surrounded by his family. Including his now adult children.

"I'm just glad that Daddy's home I missed him a lot," one of his children said.

Both men are out on bond, for now. The Cook County State's Attorney is still waiting for the detailed DNA analysis to come back to drop any future charges.

Coleman was asked Monday what he's most looking forward to this first Thanksgiving back with his family. He said he was looking forward to his favorite dish--mac and cheese.

Coleman said he would like to go back to being a groundskeeper at Comiskey Park. When he was told it didn't exist anymore, he said he would love to work wherever the White Sox played as long as they would have him back.

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