Church turns attention to the less fortunate before Thanksgiving

 Less than a week before we give thanks as a country, Holy Spirit Church came together to give away a full meal to those less fortunate, complete with peas, cranberries, cornbread and more.
They gave away a hundred turkeys, and Marcia Egeston received one of them. She said it will help her family celebrate a well-deserved Thanksgiving.
"I have 9 grandchildren, so they’ll be at my house for thanksgiving and I’m so happy because I haven’t seen them in a year in a half," Egeston told WGN.
"This is what’s its all about. I mean, thanksgiving, holidays like this come around, we tend to forget about the families that can’t afford meals," Early Walker from W and W Towing said.
In addition to the food, Holy Spirit Church also gave away an assortment of clothes, shoes, and jewelry to make things a little more festive.
"People will come in, they’ll get their turkey, they can shop for whatever other things they want and if they see a shirt, a sweater or what have you, it’s for the taking," Bishop Larry Trotter from Holy Spirit Church said.
You can learn more in the video above.