Video captures man trapped in his car as semi pushes it down I-55

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ST. LOUIS — Police in St. Louis are investigating after a dramatic incident caught on camera. A semi truck pushed a car down Interstate 55 for “at least a half mile” before finally pushing the car onto an exit ramp and driving away.

According to KMOV, Sanel Pilipovic shot the video while he was returning home from Chicago. He pulled over right away to see if the man trapped inside the car was okay.

“I started yelling at the guy to get out of the car. I thought the car was going to catch fire. All four tires were flat, the car was messed up from every side. I mean everything was totaled,” Philipovic said, but the driver was so scared that he wouldn’t get out of his car.

“He looked scared. I knew he was scared and stuff because of what happened. I know he did not know what was going on. I am sure he was lost,” Philipovic told KMOV.

The emergency crew eventually helped the man out of his vehicle.

You can watch Pilipovic’s video in the player above.

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