Over 80 college students accused of cheating with app in Ohio

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COLUMBUS, Ohio — Social media is giving students a new way to cheat.

83 students at Ohio State University are accused of cheating by using the messaging app, “GroupMe.”

The app was used to share answers to class assignments to everyone.

But now these students face discipline for “unauthorized collaboration on graded assignments.”

“Students are welcome to use social media tools like GroupMe to communicate with classmates but must remember that the rules are the same for online and in-person interactions,” said Ohio State spokesman Benjamin Johnson. “in most cases, sharing the due date for a homework assignment is perfectly acceptable but sharing the answers to a final exam is not. Students should not share anything online that is prohibited by the rules for the course.”

The students accused of cheating face penalties ranging from warnings to expulsion.

Ohio State says the students may not all receive the same punishment.

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