WWII veteran receives high school diploma at 94 years old

LAS VEGAS — Seventy-eight years ago, Edward Hall left high school to enlist in the Army. He fought in World War II and was stationed in Hawaii when Pearl Harbor was bombed, KVVU reports.

When Hall came back from war, he was 22 years old and ready to get a college education, but first he needed to get his high school diploma.

Hall’s high school principal told him he was too old to return to high school. Now, Hall is 94 years old  and he proved that principal wrong.

Hall finally received his high school diploma thanks to Operation Recognition — a program that helps veterans just like Hall.

“To the young people, the teenagers, and parents for goodness sakes,” Hall told KVVU. ”See that these young  people get their education, it is the most valuable thing that they will ever obtain in their lives.”