Veterans helping each other through unique partnership at local call center

Talk to anyone who served and you will pick up a strong sense of pride. Unfortunately it's that same pride that makes it so difficult for U.S. military vets to ask for help.

One Chicago call center is determined to change that.

Through a partnership with Illinois Joining Forces and Unite, the vet call center was built two years ago at the Chicago Lighthouse. It stands out because all the calls are answered by fellow soldiers; people who are vets themselves.

Those who work there say the minute callers realize it is a vet on the end of the line, their anxiety level goes way down and makes it easier to express what they're going though and how they can be helped.

Boeing along with the McCormick Foundation subsidizes the call center through a grant designed to give U.S. veterans support to needed resources. Chicago Lighthouse says ten percent of their workforce is now made up of veterans, many through the new call centers that not only helps veterans with resources but employs them as well.

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