Highland Park couples wants compensation after home damaged by construction project

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HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. -- A Highland Park couple wants compensation after they were forced from their home.

They’re pointing fingers at a developer after a foundation wall collapsed at a neighboring construction site.

Now they’re taking their concerns to the city. The city had plans to talk about the developer’s new project Tuesday night but he didn’t show up so they took it off the agenda.

The Mordini family showed up hoping that would happen—because they want the issue with their home resolved first.

This dates back three weeks ago. Heavy rain fell on highland park on October 14. That’s when a foundation wall failed at a construction site on Laurel Avenue.

It happened five feet from Jim and Ana Mordini’s house. The sidewalk buckled as the yard sank -- the home now looks like it was hit by an earthquake.

The city manager determined it was unsafe for them to stay.

Now the family is turning to Fulton Developers for compensation.

According to the developers -- they have stabilized the wall and offered to cover the cost of an engineer to suggest repairs to the Mordini’s property.

But the family is frustrated and says it’s not enough.

“Terrible we cannot sleep at night. We miss our house very much,” Jim Mordini said.

“We’re going to ask the developer to pay for every single bit of the damage that he did to the property because he’s responsible for it,” Jason Wolin, attorney, said.

The city said they are working with the two sides closely trying to get the issue fixed and the family back in their home as soon as possible.