Local churches consider security measures after deadly Texas shooting

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HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. -- As the investigation into Sunday's mass church shooting in Texas unfolds, congregations of many faiths are looking into their own security measures. Security experts say it's not a moment too soon.

Security experts tell WGN that churches need to be realistic and aware that active shooter situations can occur in their houses of worship as well.

Churches are welcoming communities, and when people attend services, they're not thinking about someone attacking their congregation.

"It's a matter of protecting the flock....We need to start thinking about our own security needs as well," said security expert Doug Cummings.

Protection doesn't always mean armed guards. Experts tell church administrators to make sure most doors are locked. They should have people in the parking lot to alert the congregation about threats before they walk in the door.

The Chicago Archdiocese has implemented training to all its parishes and parish schools for natural and man-made disasters like active shooter situations.

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