Chicago police face City Hall over proposed budget

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CHICAGO -- Chicago's City Council heard from the police superintendent before they vote on next year's budget.

The police department just released their crime statistics for October. The numbers show that shootings are down for the 8th month in a row.

Superintendent Eddie Johnson recognized the department has to do a better job for tax payers.

Council members questioned him about overtime, saying it’s out of control. Johnson said he knows it’s an issue , and they’re working to resolve it.

But he was happy to report that money spent on reducing gun violence has proved to be a solid investment.

Murders are down 10-percent and shootings are down 18-percent compared to last year.

The superintendent credits investment in training, technology and personnel.

While the technology is important, it wouldn’t work efficiently without officers on the street.

Right now, there are about 100 officers coming out of the academy every month, fully trained and ready to go.

Johnson highlighted this as we enter the second year of his hiring plan to recruit 1000 new officers.

Today’s meeting was just a budget hearing so nothing will be finalized today.

Council members still have to vote on it.


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