#FeedonThis: The 2017 “Feed-O-Ween”

CHICAGO - For a third time, Halloween has arrived on Sports Feed.

Like other holidays on the show, we decided to put a little Chicago sports twist on the show. This time, it's "Feed-O-Ween."

Dressed in the spirit of the holiday, Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman decided to bring a bit of the holiday to the show by dressing up in their favorite Halloween costumes.

Check them out in #FeedonThis by clicking on the video above.

The annual "Feed-O-Ween" segment featured the guys discussing some Halloween-themed Chicago sports topics.

What's the Scariest Thought for fans in the city? What has been a treat or a trick for fans in 2017?

Plus who is in Josh or Jarrett's Final Four of Candy? See those answers in the video above.