Realistic, advance tech put CPS students in the pilot’s seat

CHICAGO -- Forget textbooks, students at one CPS school are getting schooled in the cockpit of real flight simulators.

CPS's Air Force Academy on Chicago's  South Side is the first high school in the country to get the high tech lab that shows students exactly what it feels like to be at the controls of an F-22.

The seven simulators were built this summer after the Driskill Foundation donated over $400,000 to advance technology at the school through the flight simulators. The technology puts the aspiring pilots well ahead of other high school students since it mimics the same technology used by the Air Force and top flight schools around the country.

Currently the U.S. Air Force is over 1,000 pilots short of mandated levels and commercial airliners say they plan to hire roughly 600 thousand pilots over the next couple decades.