Deodorant lets you smell like whiskey, on purpose

If you’re done with the artificial smells of deodorant, you can try a new natural one.

A couple in Colorado came up with “Pit Liquor.”

It’s deodorant, made with whiskey.

The makers say the alcohol kills the bacteria in your smelly armpits.

It then leaves behind a scent that comes in three varieties: Whiskey Lavender, Whiskey Vanilla, and Whiskey Black Pepper.

The product is being promoted on Kickstarter.

“You are not just spraying Jack Daniel`s into your pits,” according to the post. “A lot of research was actually put into this product. If anything, you might be disappointed at how little you end up reeking of whiskey!”

The ad also advises against drinking it, saying you will not get drunk.

“Single Shot” bottles of sprayable Pit Liquor are available for a pledge of $7 with an estimated February 2018 delivery date.