Pizza delivery van stolen with 2-year-old in backseat

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CHICAGO, Ill. – A pizza delivery van was carjacked Monday night from a West Side pizza shop with a little boy in the back seat.

The carjackers dropped off the little boy at a home they picked at random in Oak Park. They then hopped back in the stolen van and sped off only to crash the car at Jackson and Central in Chicago, where both were arrested.

The homeowners who discovered the little boy said he was very distraught. They brought him into their home and called 911.

They said police and the parents were there in a flash to pick up the child.

Both parents work at Sarpino’s delivering pizzas. The child’s father was inside, mom was outside and the van was running. The mother said she turned her back on it for a second and before she knew what was happening, two teens were speeding away with her van and her son.

Police said the little boy is fine.

The suspects are in custody and the investigation is ongoing.